Support health coverage for all!

Please support health care expansion for those in our community who need a helping hand.

Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, many children will lose a parent. At least three people in Florida die each day because they lack access to high quality healthcare coverage. Rather than addressing the crisis for the uninsured and bringing back the tax dollars we’ve already paid to Washington, the Legislature went home early.

As a person of faith, I understand that the true moral test of our society is how the weakest and most vulnerable members are treated. Our health delivery system must be rooted in values that respect life, acknowledge human dignity and respond to the needs of the poor and vulnerable. I support ensuring accessible, quality health care for all. We want the taxes we paid to Washington for healthcare to come back to Florida. We don’t need to pay twice.

As a resident of this great state, I support expanding access to health care coverage in Florida. Please bring our taxes home and save Florida lives.

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